Saturday, May 2, 2009

Swine flu update

Update: SHUT THE HE** UP ABOUT THIS MEDIA-DRIVEN NON EVENT!!! It's obvious to anyone with half a functioning brain that this is NOT the population-reducing pandemic that's been predicted for decades by sci-fi writers and epidemiologists, at least not yet. If the virus goes into hiding, morphs into something more deadly, then resurfaces during the next cold-and-flu season, we'll have something to worry about. But those are BIG ifs. In the meantime, try to refocus on how we're all getting bent over a barrel by a government run amok, elected by a people who are willfully deaf, dumb, and blind, for this flu thing is most assuredly an attempt to distract you from the real epidemic: venal politicians and the idiots who elect them.

Take care.


The Other Mike S. said...

You hit the nail on the head - this has been nothing more than a smoke screen to keep the news "reporters" busy while we spend ourselves into oblivion.

Hey, I'm sure if we cut off the flow of guns to Mexico, this would all be fixed. We're such bad people...

DAL357 said...

Yes, somehow the world would be a better place without the Great Satan.


People who believe that don't know history.

One thing I will say is that AMERICA would be a better place if we stopped consorting with foreign
peoples/governments. Maybe those other countries wouldn't be better off, or maybe they would, but either way, that's their problem.

How the hell did this whole thing get away from us, the people?