Tuesday, July 14, 2009

This is truly groundbreaking!

Handguns Looks at the Iconic 1911

This week on Handguns, available on Sportsman Channel, we are going to examine one of the most iconic semi auto pistols of all time - the 1911. This simple and revolutionary design was created by John Moses Browning between 1904 and 1911. It was so successful that the design is still used toady. In Hot Shots we look at the S&W SW1911 9mm Pro. This multi-tasking handgun would be great for competitive shooting, law enforcement, concealed carry and home defense.

Wow! How do they keep coming up with these innovative ideas for shows!? Man, a feature on the 1911 pistol, who'd a thunk it? The programmers at this channel are certainly earning their pay. With fresh ideas like this, I may have to consider having pay TV reinstalled in my home.

I am not looking forward to 2011, the centennial of Browning's 1911. What's American Handgunner magazine going to do for that? They already have some form of the 1911 on practically every issue's cover (yawn). Would someone please take a sample of J.M. Browning's DNA, clone him, and let his copy design something that, finally, supersedes the 1911? (Oh, wait, you mean Glock's already done that?;) My mistake.)

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theotherryan said...

Only so many easy options. I recall a history prof at my old university who called the history channel the WWII channel.