Friday, October 9, 2009

Overheard at a gun store...

I was in my local gun store a few days back, the first time I've been there in about a month (I'm actually pretty bored with acquiring new guns; for my needs, what I have is plenty--sorry if I've offended the gun whores, gun rags, and gun marketers out there with my sacrilege), and I actually heard a customer telling the clerk that "any [hand]gun that doesn't start with a four [I presume he meant caliber] doesn't have enough knockdown power." [Emphasis mine.] He said this while looking at some type of Ruger automatic, I believe.

I know I shouldn't be too hard on him, for he was just parroting what he's likely heard for years from various puffed-up pontificators in the gun world. Handguns don't have "knockdown" power. If they did have this attribute, they'd be unmanageable to shoot, at least for more than one shot. In fact, I really don't care all that much that he apparently puts so much faith in his statement; to each his own. It's just that I'm willing to bet he also believes that anything sub 40 caliber is somehow substandard, which is definitely not true.

Oh well, people labor under illusions and false assumptions every day, hence the Democrats in power today (but it would be just as true if the Republicans held the reins). I just thought those of you in the know would find his comment entertaining.

Take care.


Conservative Scalawag said...

He needs to do a little more research on his own, and less listening to others. Also known as thinking for yourself.

Now while my primary is a .45 caliber(Springfield XD-45 Service), I also carry a 9mm(yes a Glock), and sometimes a .32ACP KelTec.

I am also a big fan of .38 snubby guns during the hot balmy Georgia summers.

All of these guns I believe will do the job of STOPPING a threat.

In fact, recently a man in August,GA killed a man with a .32ACP. And another blogger (Snowflakes in Hell) stopped one with his .25 Beretta recently too. So there you go, caliber doesn't matter, shot placement and just being armed does.

DAL357 said...

Yup, shot placement is king. Of course, if I am ever unlucky enough to need to use a gun to protect me or mine, I'd rather place my shots well with a 9mm or .38 Spl. than with a .22 LR or .32 ACP, but your point is well taken.