Sunday, December 27, 2009

San Diego, day two

We finally got going late in the morning yesterday, after a breakfast provided by the late Ray Croc's brainchild. The funny thing is, I was hungry again about an hour later. Not too many nutrients, apparently, in that food-like substance.

Yesterday's time out was spent entirely at a botanic gardens, at my wife's "suggestion." (Isn't it funny how women cleverly call their wants "suggestions," when in all actuality they are really imperatives? That's just the darnedest phenomenon.) The botanic gardens were well planned and executed, but...a WHOLE DAY!?!? C'MON!!! Then, after sundown, the garden was lit with festive holiday lighting, strung hither and thither in various areas, and the garden consumed another chunk of our lives, 'bout two hours worth. Oh well, the wife was happy and our boy enjoyed doing things boys enjoy doing: things he shouldn't do.

After taking a wrong exit back to the motel, followed by a stop at a liquor store (wife's "suggestion"--I don't drink), we made it back to the room, ate convenience store burritos, surfed the net, disciplined the boy (for the umpteenth time that day), and finally went to bed.

On the bright side, it looks like San Diego has several indoor gun ranges which rent guns. I plan on using a fraction of my time here to check it out and, maybe, rent a Glock 20 to try. Somewhere down the road, in the hazy future, I may just get around to buying a Glock 20 10mm for camping and hiking, at least that's the justification I am using. But I've never fired the 10mm, so I'd like to try it first to see if it should even be on my wish list. I've fired a .44 Magnum before, whose recoil I didn't care for, so I'm hoping the 10mm is a notch or two below that. More on this subject as it develops.

I'd better sign off now and get everyone up, for my wife has more plans for the day.

Take care.


theotherryan said...

Never shot a 10mm. Had a Glock .40 but I sold it. My experience is that common calibers are common for a very good reason and it is best to stick with them.

Anonymous said...

I had to laugh at the coincidence of this post. I left Dallas for San Diego on Christmas Day of 2010 (a year after your trip) and also ended up spending a day at the San Diego Botanic Garden (it was the mariachi dudes which gave away the location!) at the behest of my traveling companion. We stayed at the Hacienda Hotel, just up the street from the Old Town Cafe, which is a MUCH better choice for breakfast! Oh, how I LOVE their corn tortillas. Anyway, it looks like you survived the trip and I'll keep scrolling through your posts. It was your post on rational preparedness at the Urban Survivalist which brought me to your blog.

DAL357 said...

Thanks. Please enjoy the blog. As you can tell, I've gotten somewhat lazy about it lately; perhaps I'll get back at it...someday.