Friday, July 30, 2010

Missing guns

As part of my on-again, off-again, self-imposed move towards simplicity, I've been paring down my collection of guns to what I really use. Of all the guns I've divested myself of, I can honestly say I don't really miss any of them, but I guess I had to own them to know that.

As my journey through middle age continues, I am beginning to discover that fewer possessions are better if those possessions are used regularly and well. What good does it do to have so many guns, or anything, that you barely learn to know/use well? It would be better to learn how to use one, or two, or three guns and honestly wring out everything each has to offer than to keep a stable of guns with which one has only a passing acquaintance. How many of us in the gun community can say we do that? I know I can't, but I'm working on it and I hope to be able to someday.

I can't say that I'm to the point where I want to be with the number of guns I own, but I'm getting there. Two more left the nest this summer, and maybe one or two will follow at some point in the future. Once I reach the correct amount, I'll know.

In the past, my pulse used to quicken whenever I walked through a gun store or gun show. All those nice, shiny firearms beckoned me to handle them, to take them home. Now, however, all I feel when walking through those venues is ennui. I have what I want/need and it's time to stop acting like a teenager who has a crush on every pretty face he meets. In other words, it's time to grow up.

Take care.

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