Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It ain't easy

I've finally given bowhunting a try after being a life-long firearms hunter and, to put it bluntly, it's darned difficult. Locating the deer is no problem, as I've found an area with a good population of the creatures, but getting close enough (30 yards max.) to make a shot has been nigh impossible. Had I been hunting with my trusty .30-06, my season would have been over by 9 a.m. the first morning I was out. Unfortunately, although 100 yards, the distance I saw the first deer that day, is a chip shot for me and my '06, it's about three times too far for my bow. Now I understand why so many bowhunters use tree stands to hunt from; I would use one too, but the trees in the area are few and would not support me anyway.

About the only hope I have for filling my tag this year is to figure out where to sit to intercept a deer. I only have two weekends left in the season, so I'd better get wise quickly.

Take care.

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