Friday, June 15, 2007

A Rifleman's Poem

A Rifleman's Poem: If You Do Your Part, I'll Finish What You Start

All of you shooters
Please gather 'round
'cause there's much more to shooting
Than just fury and sound

Yes, it's been said
And it is no lie
That some rounds shoot flatter
And faster they fly

But in the hands of a man
Who knows how to shoot
He hits what he aims at
All else is moot

Don't think the ballistics
Of any rifle can
Compensate for skill
In a poorly-trained man

An accurate rifle
A precise scope
Are wasted on the man
Who does not know his dope

Perfect practice is key
To gaining the skill
Of using one shot
To make a clean kill

A bolt-action rifle
Of, say, thirty-ought-six
Can teach a smart shooter
All kinds of tricks

But first he must learn
What it can and can't do
And his limitations
When his scope he looks through

Take care of your rifle
Treat it like your pet
And when its time comes to serve you
It won't forget

Listen to your rifle
You'll hear a refrain
And after every shot
You'll hear it again

"If you do your part,
I'll finish what you start."
If you want to shoot well
Learn this by heart

Copyright 2003

Take care,

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