Saturday, November 24, 2007

Notes from the Hunting Journal--10/27/07

10-27-07: Went deer hunting on Ft. Carson for the first time of the post’s long season (it runs until Jan. 31) with John A. Although the area we went to had some sign (tracks and scat), we failed to see anything.

John and I devised a strategy to try to flush out some deer. John stayed in one spot, on the hillside of a draw, while I walked through the draw to flush any deer that might be there toward him. A decent plan, but the problem was in its execution.

I got somewhat lost and didn’t see John again for two hours. I lost sight of my direction beacon, the mountains to the west, and I wandered aimlessly. While I eventually used my compass to try to help me, I distrusted it since I thought I knew approximately where I was, a dumb mistake some people make, or so I’ve read. Finally, realizing I was getting nowhere fast, and knowing that the road I came in on was to the east, I decided to quit screwing around and follow the compass east. I did this and within 15 minutes was back on the road.

When I reached the road, however, the truck was nowhere in sight. I called John on the two-way FRS radio I had and he recognized the spot I described as being about half a mile(!) south of the vehicle. He came and picked me up and we had a quick snack and decided to call it a day, as it was around 11 a.m. On our way back, in an area that was closed that particular day to hunting, we saw two doe lying within a stone’s throw of the road peacefully watching us as we passed by.

Take care.

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