Sunday, January 25, 2009

Isn't it ironic?

On Tom Gresham's Gun Talk radio show last week, as I recall, he spoke the praises of the Springfield XD design as opposed to the Glock design because Gaston Glock's pistol is essentially unchanged from when it was introduced and it's dated. I find it curious that he would knock the Glock design when he often pays homage to a gun whose design is far older--the 1911. Granted, the 1911 is a good design, but let's not disparage the Glock because it is a little older than the latest wonder-thang without acknowledging how long in the tooth (98 years and counting) the too-often-worshipped 1911 is.

Take care.

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theotherryan said...

I just don't like XD's. Their ergonomics don't suit me. Also the disassemble catch (not the term but you know what it is if you've broke one down) can get bumped too easy and the darn thing comes apart. Admittedly my dislike for the XD is mostly economical (handling and shooting) and that stuff is very personal.

When it comes to the Glocks I love that they just make (basically) one gun. It is a great gun and there is no worry that the newest model will have growing pains.

Bout to get a second one in the next couple weeks. More Glocks will follow in time.