Saturday, February 14, 2009

Bands That Blew

While I no longer listen much to pop/rock music, and I haven’t for a good many years, my mind occasionally goes back to the days when rock, especially AOR (album oriented rock) ruled my roost. When that happens, invariably it will come to those bands that were just plain God-awful. In other words, they were formulaic, contrived monstrosities designed to rake in cash and chicks (I can’t blame ‘em for that last one) with as little originality as possible.

Probably my all time winner in the Bands That Blew category is Foreigner. Even after all of these years, I still cringe when I hear “Cold as Ice,” or “Hot Blooded,” or "Head Games," or "Juke Box Hero," or "Feels Like the First Time," or "Double Vision," or "Waiting for a Girl Like You." What complete and utter schlock. If you liked power chords played with precise monotony, not to mention lyrics of intense asininity, then Foreigner was probably your cup of tea. No doubt you also thrilled to the sounds of the band Whitesnake, another sorry excuse for a musical group, or even--GASP!--Journey.

Of course, these aren’t the only bands that would fit into the BTB realm. They are just the ones that that I recall most vividly. Perhaps the rest have been, mercifully, forgotten. Do you have a few bands in mind that you believe were/are worthy only of scorn? If so, do tell.

Take care.

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