Saturday, June 5, 2010

Again I say, why, why, why?!?!?!

Although not quite as senseless as the item in my previous post, this little gem from Smith and Wesson still contains many elements of the absurd. What an unwieldy looking little troll this new "pistol" is. Score another one for the marketers. (I know the centerfire pistol version of the AR has been around for a while from at least one other company, by the way.)

I must confess I've never understood the civilian fascination with the AR platform. While I've never owned one, unless you count the AR180B I had for about a year and then sold (mainly due to boredom with it), I had the military version on loan during my stint in the army. 'Twas a nice rifle, but not really all that. Plus, I don't have a lot of respect for the round it traditionally chambers, accurate though it may be.

Getting back to the S&W: Good luck with your new pistol (snicker, snicker) S&W, you'll probably sell a ton of them. This gun reminds me of the line that no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.

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Bitmap said...

I think it's mainly for fun. A plinker. Where else can you get a .22LR handgun with a 26 round mag? The only other option I know of is the various handguns built on the 10/22 style receiver (the Ruger Charger is the most common but there are other brands out there).

It may not be useful for anything in particular, but it would be great for a lazy afternoon chasing soda cans around the backstop.

Seems to me that some firearms are intended to be used just for fun and that is one of them.

You are right that they will probably sell a ton of them. Think of it as a luxury item. I would rather spend my money on that then on a bigger tv set or a fancy new cell phone.

DAL357 said...

Bitmap, good points all, especially the one about the 25-round magazine.

BTW, I heard/saw that Kel-Tec is coming out with a 30-round .22 Magnum pistol. If it is made to function more reliably than the P3AT I had, it might be worth a look, although I'm not sure I really could find a use for it to earn its keep.