Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rapid movie review: Iron Man

The son and I went to view the latest sign of intellectual deterioration in this country, the recently-released "Iron Man," a couple of weeks ago. (Okay, maybe the "intellectual deterioration" comment wasn't fair, at least for this particular piece.) Considering the genre, it was actually a pretty decent movie, mainly due to Robert Downey Jr.'s performance as the title character. The movie did drag a bit in the beginning, but it picked up the pace as it progressed.

If you have kids, they'll probably like the flick, as did my seven-year-old boy, and taking your kids to see this movie is really the only reason any adult should be in the theater. Well, that plus that delicious theater popcorn (sans, of course, the Pennzoil lubricant they pump on it upon request with heedless abandon...YUCK!).

Take care.

P.S. Although I've known of her for some time, I never really took notice of Gwyneth Paltrow before. Sheesh, she is terminally cute in this movie!

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