Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Say it loud, "I'm tasteless and proud!"

These so-called humorous items, known as "Truck Nuts" or "Bumper Balls," have been around for a while and I've actually seen a few indviduals adorn their vehicles with them, no doubt thinking they are making a statement. Well, they are making a statement, but it's probably not the one they think they are making. When a person puts something like this on their vehicle, they are truly showing the world not only what tasteless morons they are, but also that they feel they have no obligation as adults to allow children to stay children for as long as possible. The sexualization of children begins far too early anymore and products like this are one of the reasons why.

Of course, if you were to confront a person who uses this product with this idea they would likely become indignant and rant about free speech and their rights, and if we were talking about government intervention, they'd have a point. But I am not talking about governmental repression of speech, thought, or action. I am talking about common decency, something becoming more and more uncommon all the time. I am talking about self-censorship and the wisdom to not only know the boundaries between good and bad behavior, but why those boundaries are essential for a civilized society.

We truly are living in the age of the common man, as Jeff Cooper called it, where slobs in both dress and action are looked upon as examples to emulate and folks with a bit of self restraint and manners are looked at as dupes, fogeys, prudes, and hopelessly out of date.

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theotherryan said...

I've never seen those before. I also fail to see a reason to put them on a vehice and I am about as tasteless as it can get.

Anonymous said...

I've seen quite a few, including big brass and/or iron versions. Some include an additional anatomical part, if you know what I mean. As you say, why anyone would stoop to such a level is truly beyond me, it is the equivalent of giving the finger to everyone else on the road, man, woman, and child alike.

Imho, the worst damage done to the U.S. by Bush's presidency is how we, as a nation, have come to accept that mediocrity is the best thing to aim for, the one does not have to be informed to make opinions, and in fact, those who aspire for better are not to be trusted. America has come to not only accept mediocrity, ignorance, and tastelessness, but embrace them as "virtues". Truck balls and the popularity of Nascar are empirical 'kultural' examples.

Further, just saw a recent study released indicating that sociopathic behavior is, in fact, becoming the norm in this country. Might also have something to do with it.