Friday, June 6, 2008

Nearly a lifetime ago

Don't forget that 64 years ago today, the long-awaited (especially by the Soviets) second European front was started in France by Allied forces against the Nazis. Historians can, and will, debate the significance of this event ad nauseam when compared to the massive battles of the Eastern front, but I'd rather look at it from a worm's-eye view. In other words, from the fighting man's perspective.

These young men went into battle not knowing what they were facing (to maintain secrecy, most were not even aware of where they were specifically headed until very late in the operation). They were scared and, no doubt, wished they were elsewhere, but they pushed themselves while facing the prospect of sudden death and achieved a slow, grinding victory against a tough, entrenched enemy.

Please pause today, if only for a moment, to give thanks to those courageous men who helped bring about the defeat of the evil, immoral Nazi empire.

Take care.

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