Monday, June 23, 2008


My wife found this link to a gallery of paintings and sketches by possibly the most evil monster ever to walk the earth, Adolf Hitler. Take a look at them and see what you think.

My opinion is that he had some aptitude for art, but it was nothing outstanding, a fact which his fragile ego couldn't handle. So, instead of perhaps bettering his technique and developing a unique style, he turned his back on artistic improvement and parlayed the blame-game into a political platform. This just happened to coincide with a country/people down on its luck and eager to re-inflate its own opinion of itself (of course, it did get a raw deal [thanks to the vindictive French, emboldened by its American ally] at the end of WWI, but that's another post for a point far in the future, if ever).

What would have become of the moron had he been born just ten years earlier? Most likely he would have never amounted to much, and he probably would have come to the same end: suicide.

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Anonymous said...

much as i would like to blame woodrow wilson, it wasn't the u.s., it was the brits! (and the french) who imposed the raw deal of which you speak. the u.s. has merely dragged their butts out of the fire twice since since wilsons second term began in 1917. it is our national anglophilia which has gotten our country into trouble every time. and after my dad and my uncles saved the world in 1945, harry truman handed their empire back to them.