Thursday, June 26, 2008

Ol' Heller

Thank you very much, Supreme Court of the United States, for seeing things as clearly as you did on the Heller case, relatively speaking. At least, that is, the five of you who voted to uphold the lower court's decision; the four of you who didn't have been educated far beyond your intelligence.

Note to criminals, occasional and inveterate alike: This is just another reason to vacate your "profession" and find legal, productive employment. If that idea doesn't appeal to you, and I have no idea how it could since you are scumbag criminals, be ready to accept the consequences of your actions.

Note to gun-hating politicians who have illegally and immorally kept their consituents from acquiring the most productive means of self-protection available to the average citizen today: The writing is on the wall and you will lose in the long run, although I'm sure you'll waste multiple millions of taxpayer dollars before you figure that out.

Take care.

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