Saturday, May 26, 2007

Internet observations

What I have learned from my 10+ years on the Internet (and from life in general):

--There are a lot of intelligent people out there

--There are a lot of ignorant, or just plain stupid, people out there

--You can find a kindred spirit for practically any interest/activity

--Too many people are so interested in having their say that they don’t really listen

--Engaging in polemics is an end unto itself for far too many folks, supposedly signifying their intelligence, but actually just revealing their lack of reason, poor breeding, and contentious nature

--Arguing your point is 99% of the time useless; state your case clearly the first time and then move on; life is too short to battle the polemicists

--Reason and logic are the rarest elements in the universe

--The latest news item needs at least 24 hours to mature before making comment

--Television and newspapers can’t hold a candle to the ‘net in terms of up-to-date information, education, or entertainment, however, the immediacy of the ‘net lends many stories/issues more importance than they are due

--Not everything needs/deserves comment

--Just as with any other form of human interaction, you must have a reason-based BS filter that’s permanently engaged, and a thick skin for the inevitable barbs

--Few people have any idea about the correct usage of the words “advice” or “advise,” not to mention “site,” “sight,” or “cite”

--Creative (to put it charitably) spelling abounds

--Only so many jokes exist in the world, and these are recycled endlessly, often to my e-mail address

--Anonymity emboldens

--Limiting ‘net time to no more than two hours per day means 22 hours will be wasted on family, friends, work, sleep, etc.

--Porn really can get boring

Take care.


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