Sunday, May 20, 2007

Notes from the hunting journal--11/19/2006

11-19-06: Same area.

This was a productive trip, although not as productive as I would have liked. I followed the same route through the area as in the past, going up the initial hill and through the long tract of pinon trees, yet I saw nothing. When I neared the dirt road, I saw and heard a truck going past; those in the truck did not see me. I continued across the dirt road and straight ahead until, due to a canyon, I could go no farther in that direction. I turned to the right and continued hunting, along the edge of the canyon. As I had not yet seen any rabbits, and it was well past 9 a.m., I began to think that this trip was going to skunk me.

Later, I heard a shot ahead, and then, later still, the voices of other hunters, presumably the two people in the truck I had seen earlier. I continued to hunt, hearing the voices become clearer as I walked along. Then, finally, as I approached closer and closer to the voices, I saw a rabbit. Per usual, he was headed towards the edge of the plateau. Not taking a snap shot at him as soon as I saw him, I waited instead until he cleared a bush and he was angling away from the voices before I fired. His first mistake was in moving at all, for I probably wouldn't have seen him, and his last mistake was that he stopped for a last look.

As I gutted and skinned him, I heard the truck drive away, containing, no doubt, two very startled hunters who were not even aware I was near. I counted myself as lucky for having harvested one rabbit and left for home.
Gun: Remington 870 12 ga.
Ammo: Federal #6 shot
Total shots: 1
Rabbits: 1

Take care.

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