Monday, May 21, 2007

Movie: 28 Weeks Later--YES!

Last Thursday, I reluctantly dragged my carcass to one of the local movie theaters to see 28 Weeks Later. I say reluctantly not as a knock on the movie, but it's just that as I age I find myself less and less enamored of the whole movie going experience. In fact, I get more satisfaction--WARNING: OLD FOGEY-MOMENT ALERT--nowadays from reading a good book. Regardless, as a fan of zombie movies since seeing the mother of all modern zombie movies, Night of the Living Dead, in the 1970s, I was compelled to see 28 Weeks Later, and I'm glad I did. The pacing of the movie was zippy enough to keep me interested, the plot was as plausible as could be for an implausible subject, the acting good to excellent, and the editing was superb (yeah, I look at that kind of thing, especially in an action-oriented movie--good editing can turbocharge an otherwise mundane flick...sometimes).

If you saw the first movie, 28 Days, and liked it, I'm willing to bet brain cells you'll enjoy the sequel.

By the way, from the way the sequel ended, it looks like there could well be a third movie in the future. I just hope that by the time it comes out I haven't completely given up on the cinema in favor of other diversions. If so, the loss would be Hollywood's, not mine.

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