Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Long Dry Spell...is Over!

I went fishing on Monday and, finally, caught a fish. Not two fishes, mind you, like my fishing partner, but a single fish, called a wiper, of about three pounds. I kept it and we will feast on it tonight; my wife is a wiz in the kitchen, so I am sure it will be delectable.

On a related note, the guy I went fishing with has a 17-foot canoe, so that's what we used. Paddling about 2.5 miles on a reservoir in moderate winds proved to be exhaustive exercise for both of us, especially the return leg of the journey, when we paddled back non-stop. This morning I am feeling it in my shoulders and back, but I'll survive. Oddly enough, we had a head wind both leaving and returning, due to a wind shift about mid-morning, or perhaps a malevolent creator with a wicked sense of humor, but I'm betting on the former rather than the latter.

As you can tell by the above info., I am not much of a fisherman, yet, but I enjoy getting outdoors after what seemed to be an unusually long winter. I'm sure it's just me, but winters really do seem to be getting longer and longer the older I get. The outdoor activity I enjoy most of all, though, is rabbit hunting, but the season is now closed until October, so fishing, camping, hiking, and shooting will have to do until then.

Take care.

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