Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Notes from the hunting journal--10/15/2006

What follows is an entry from the little hunting journal I began to keep during the 2006/2007 hunting season. Other entries will follow in the future (doubtless you can hardly wait).

Oct. 15, 2006: first outing for small game this season. Went to XX. XXXXXX, to my usual area, and had good success (as opposed to bad success?). Just after climbing the hill, a rabbit ran from right to left across my path. I promptly fired at him and missed, which I think was partly due to the sling on the shotgun, but mostly to my lousy shooting. After removing the sling, I continued on. Not five minutes later, a second rabbit appeared and I fired two shots at him, managing to miss with both. A bit mad at my poor performance, I continued onward.

Shortly, I saw a third rabbit, which I shot--twice, once while he was running and once while he was moving in a bush. I waited a minute while he expired, then I field dressed him and tossed the meat into a Wal-mart bag, which I tied to my backpack. Once again moving forward, I soon saw another rabbit, which ran behind a scrubby evergreen tree. I fired just as he went behind the tree. Not sure if I had connected, I went to the spot where I had fired and there he was--dead. When I finished cleaning him, I decided to call it a day and left. Maria was happy when I told her of the harvest via cell phone.

Not bad for 30 minutes of hunting.

Gun: Remington 870 12 ga.
Ammo: Federal 7.5 shot
Total shots taken: 6
Total rabbits taken: 2

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